Nevotex Production is verified for ISO 26 000

Nevotex Production is verified for ISO 26 000

Nevotex group has a goal to reach verification for ISO 26 000. First to reach that goal is our unit Production in Narva, Estonia.

We are pleased for this verification within this unit. Within Nevotex Production we offer solutions for various types of projects and in several business areas and with one support throughout the whole project – from idea to creative solution.

This verification proves quality, good standards and long term thinking. And the work continues!

>> Read more about Nevotex Production (Swedish site)

New products

New products

Spring 2021 is here!  We are ready to present some new and nice quality products in our range. The season comes in soft colours of blue, yellow and natural tones – all in a pleasant 80’s touch.

The current pandemic does not allow meetings as before, but we are flexible and do what we can to meet you and communicate in other ways.

Week 9, with start today Monday, will be a launch-week where we show you the news we have in our assortment.

Contact us for questions, more product information or project ideas and don’t miss our news and the presentations on Instagram.

Enjoy the spring, more day light and take care!

New Fabric, spring 2021:

New Leather, spring 2021:
Dakar, leather certified with Öko-tex